Sheep Meadow Tad
1991 ~ 28.00" ~ AMHA Buckskin
By Mini Acres Nik Nak
Out of: Sheep Meadow Truffle
Bred by long time breeders, the late Roy & Betty McBride, Sheep Meadow Miniatures of Alberta, Canada
Tad came to us at 16 years of age from Enchanted Acres, Naniamo, B.C.
Tad is very unique and different from any other Miniature that we have ever known.
For one, Tad never has to be exercised.  He always keeps himself trim.
You see, Tad loves to run and play basket ball.
He throws them into the air, then shuffles them down his run with either nose bunting, or kicking.
He is certainly the most playful little stallion we have ever seen.  Friendly too, always there for a scratch.
The pleasant thing about Tad is that all his foals have been lovely and most carry his beautiful neck.
This is "Tad" at 12 years of age.
"Tad" shortly after arriving at our home in 2007.
"Tad" crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on August 5/2010.
You were such a joy, little man, with wonderful, kind temperament.
I hope you have found a little herd just size 28.00".
May you forever run in green pastures and never feel pain again.
McLennan Miniatures