Scrapbook of our Pets
This page created June 8/2007 & updated June 11/2017
Lucky Cat (Spay) was found on the side of the
highway Jan. 5/1999 by our daughter.   She had
been hit by a car.  She was nursed back to health
but has a crippled front leg as a result of her
injuries.  Spitfire is her daughter.
Lucky Cat passed away
May 4/2016 at 17 years of age.
Spitfire (Spay) was born October 3/2001.  She received her name because of spitting loudly
when picked up as a tiny kitten.  She is also known as
Flipper because of her habit of flipping
on her side for attention.  She is Don's shadow and helper when restoring Arctic Cat
Snowmobiles.  She sits and supervises  what he is doing & waits for the many treats that he
gives her.
Spitfire is also known to try to drive our Arctic Cat Cheetah snowmobile.
Keeper (Spay) was found as a small kitten in
the shrubs in front of our house in September
1995.  She spent the first year of her life in
our barn and then was moved into the house.  
She is a quiet, sweet cat that loves attention.
Keeper passed away at the age of 22 years on
June 22/2017.   "RIP"
Meet Chocolat ! (Spay) She was born in
1988 at our home & given away to a home in
1989.  In 1990 she was returned to live
permanently with us.   She has been our barn
cat for many years and an excellent mouser
in her younger years.  Chocolat passed away
May 14/2008 at the age of 20 years.
Brandachs Oreo Cookie - CKC registered Miniature Long
Haired Dachshund that was born May 31/1997.
Oreo came to live with us on March 14/2003.  She is a
wonderful dog that travels most places with us. We are so
pleased to have been able to take her for her retirement years
and hope that she will be with us for many years to come.  
Sadly, Oreo passed away November 22/2011
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Lola (Spay) is another of our rescue cats.  Our
daughter found her in their garage in January 200?.  
We believe she had been hit by a car and spent a
long period of time at the Vet's clinic to recover.  
She had a broken hip, frozen ears and a tail that had
to be amputated.  She was totally wild and
untrusting.  For the first year of her stay with us,
she could not be handled. She now trusts Don and he
is allowed to comb her and she loves any attention  
that he will give to her.  She is never far from
Keeper who is her best friend.
(Lola passed away January 6/2012)
This is Mittens !  (Neuter) He was born sometime in July 2006.  He is a feral rescue cat,
another one from our daughter and he arrived here early September 2006. He is from a litter
of 6 kittens that were living under Kim's deck and she trapped them in order to find them
homes.  Talk about wild, Mittens put up a good fight but became very loving in a short time.  
There is never a dull moment with Mittens.  He is always doing something.  His favorite thing is
to sit on a chair at the table while we eat and he likes to put his front paws on the table as the
one picture indicates.
("Mitts" passed away suddenly on August 30/2016)  RIP, we will miss you.
Boots - These Boots are made for walking!
This boy moved into our yard on December 7/2007 just
as the coldest days of winter started to arrive.  He
stayed in the barn for his first few days here but the
cold was showing a strain on his system.  He was very
thin and extremely hungry and quite willingly allowed me
to catch him and move him into a heated building.  He
appeared to be about 8-9 months of age.  Boots has been
neutered and has a permanent home with us.
This is "Orbit"
On January 17/2010 at 10:00 P.M., this kitten was found on our back deck.  He was suffering
from starvation & hypothermia.  Thanks to the wonderful care of our Veterinarian, Dr. Betty
Hughes he has fully recovered and is now one of our house cats.  He was named Orbit as he always
seems to be in orbit playing and running around the house.  He was estimated to be 5 months of
age when arriving here.
McLennan Miniatures
The 3 cats that live in the house with us (2011)