McLennan Miniatures
Lazy N Cineramas Academy Award (33.25")
AMHA/AMHR Black Appaloosa  (DNA Parentage qualified)
foaled: 04/19/08
Sire: Lucky Four Cinerama 33.25" (Appaloosa)
sired by Crescents Rhett Butler (Black Appaloosa) & out of Humes Exotic Joy (Bay)
Dam: RSB Doves Song 30.75"
sired by Driftin Thunder (Grey Pinto) & out of Kelly Blue (Blue Roan Pinto)
Tested by Animal Genetics, Florida to be:
LP/lp (heterozygous. Horse carries one copy of the Appaloosa LP gene)
EE - Homozygous for Black Factor
nn - Negative for Cream Dilution & gg -Negative for Gray Gene
"Oscar" As A  New Born Foal
"Oscar" Yearling
RSB Doves Song and Lucky Four Cinerama
Dam & Sire
Lazy N Cineramas Academy Award