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In Memory
Westwind Kajun Kat
April 14/1991 - June 26/2002

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Sheep Meadow Tad
1991 - August 5/2010
FF Cherokee Maiden"
Born 1991- November 10/2016
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"Don't Cry For The Horses"

Don't cry for the horses that life has set free
A million white horses forever to be.
Don't cry for the horses, now in God's hand,
As they dance and they prance in a heavenly band.
They were ours as a gift, but never to keep,
As they close their eyes forever to sleep.
Their spirits unbound, on silver wings they fly,
A million white horses against a blue sky.
Look up into Heaven, you'll see them above,
The horses we lost, the horses we loved.
Manes and tails flowing, they gallop through time,
They were never yours, they were never mine.
Don't cry for the horses, they'll be back someday,
When time is gone, they will show us the way.
Do you hear that soft nicker?  Close to your ear?
Don't cry for the horses, LOVE the ones that are here.

~ Author unknown ~

Cedarbrooks Toyhorse Tiny Sprinklin AMHA
Cedarbrook's ToyhorseTiny Sprinkling

Senior Herd Sire ~ English Import
33.75" Blue Roan Spotted Appaloosa (1986 - NOV 22/2008)
By Toyhorse Ermine Toes ~ 34.00"
Out of Toyhorse Midge ~ 32.00"