CCMF Chasing The Dream 30.50" Sorrel Appaloosa

2004 AMHA/AMHR Near Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Sire: Mountain Highs White Cloud 30.50" Black Appaloosa
Dam: Dent Fancy Peppermint 32.00" Sorrel Pinto

Year 2011 is an exciting one for us.  With my Appaloosa passion finding a small, correct,
double registered sorrel leopard Appaloosa Stallion has been a long time dream and finally
we can say that we  own CCMF Chasing The Dream.  This wonderful stallion  is not only
small, he is also very correct, has an easy going personality, beautiful color and the icing on
the cake is that he has the prettiest little head and tiny tight ears I have ever seen on an
Appaloosa Miniature.  He is all I had ever hoped for and more!  Check out his pedigree, he
has an impressive one and should cross well with our mares.

The credit for the lovely winter pictures of "Chase"  goes to Tracy Conrad.
McLennan Miniatures
CCMF Chasing The Dream
"Chase" as a weanling
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