McLennan Miniatures
Bentley O'Magical Colors

"Bentley" was born March 1/2011 and was the second born out of a litter of 6.
He is a black & tan piebald Miniature Long Haired Dachshund out of AKC registered
stock but none registered & neutered. He arrived here on January 17/2012.

Sire is Lex's Caffe' Macchiato MLP of BK's (Cream PBLD)

Dam is Dreamdachs Magical Maybelle (MS)

When our previous Miniature Longhaired Dachshund passed away we wanted
another dog of the same breed but one that was more outgoing than "Oreo", also
one that was a more rugged type of dog that could spend time with me while I
worked with the Miniature Horses.

Considerable time was spent looking for a CKC registered Dachshund but nothing
seemed to catch my eye until I seen an advertisement for a purebred but
unregistered coming one year old male in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

The rest is history - Bentley is different in color and has all the other qualities we
wanted in our dog.  He has turned out to be a perfect companion.
4 days
7 months
Meeting Orbit for first time
Checking out the farm
First time in Manitoba snow
Bentley - fall 2012
Bentley - Christmas 2012